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Toni Systems Thumb Rest 10 holes

Introducing the Toni Systems Thumb Rest 10 holes - the ultimate upgrade for your pistol. This precision-engineered thumb rest features 10 carefully placed holes for maximum grip and control. Made from high-quality materials, this thumb rest is durable and ensures a secure hold on your pistol during shooting. Easy to install and compatible with most pistols, this accessory is a must-have for competitive shooters and enthusiasts alike. Take your shooting experience to the next level with the Toni Systems Thumb Rest 10 holes.

Toni Systems Thumb Rest 10 holes

SKU: ACT57-100082
Thanks for ordering. The product you have ordered will be ordered in the next shipment from the supplier. Please allow min 14 - 20 days for delivery if they are in stock at the suppler. AzzaTac will contact you regardless to confirm delivery dates.
  • TONI SYSTEM AD10OP Finger Rest 10 Holes, Left side, Right hand shooter 

    Brand: Toni Systems
    Color: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Orange
    Material: Aluminium
    Category: Open
    Model: Left side, Right hand shooter


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