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Introducing the SA Trigger for CZ 75 - Back-Shifted / Short Fingers from Eemann Tech, the perfect aftermarket upgrade for your pistol. Designed specifically for those with short fingers or those who prefer a back-shifted trigger, this SA trigger delivers improved ergonomics and precision shooting capabilities. Manufactured with high-quality materials and utilizing Eemann Tech's advanced engineering, this trigger is easy to install and provides a reliable and consistent trigger pull every time. Upgrade your CZ 75 today and experience improved performance with the SA Trigger from Eemann Tech


SA Trigger for CZ 75 - Back-Shifted / Short Fingers from Eemann Tech

Thanks for ordering. The product you have ordered will be ordered in the next shipment from the supplier. Please allow min 14 - 20 days for delivery if they are in stock at the suppler. AzzaTac will contact you regardless to confirm delivery dates.
  • The Back-Shifted trigger for different CZ models. Very comfortable for shooters with short fingers.

    This trigger suits for pistols with SINGLE ACTION system ONLY!

    Designed for pistols:

    • CZ 75
    • CZ 85
    • CZ 75 SP-01
    • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow
    • CZ Shadow 2 
    • CZ 97
    • CZ 75 Tactical Sports
    • CZ TS2
    • and other CZ models.

    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Uncoated

    • Smooth
    • Serrated 

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