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This Real Avid AVSD90 Smart Drive 90 is the perfect gunsmithing tool for any novice or experienced gunsmith. Its high-quality construction and precision design make it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective gunsmithing tool. With its easy-to-use design, the Smart Drive 90 is the perfect choice for any gunsmith's toolbox. It is a great value for money and the perfect tool to get you started with gunsmithing.

REAL AVID AVSD90 Smart Drive 90

SKU: ACT71-000083
Thanks for ordering. The product you have ordered will be ordered in the next shipment from the supplier. Please allow min 14 - 20 days for delivery if they are in stock at the suppler. AzzaTac will contact you regardless to confirm delivery dates.
  • Smart Drive 90

    Smart Drive 90 is an advanced gunsmithing driver set. The main driver features a magnetic bit holder, rubber grip, jeweler’s spin top & 360° LED light. It partners with the small “close quarters” driver to create Force Assist™. Force Assist is a proprietary system that helps users to loosen frozen-in-place screws as well as precisely tighten screws.

    87 Standard & Metric Black Oxide Coated Gun Bits

    Comprehensive set of premium S2 steel gun bits. Engineered to precisely fit gun hardware. Designed to fail before damaging small, fragile screws and fasteners. Duplicates of most commonly used slotted bits.

    Hollow ground/square cut slotted tips

    3mm Group (9 bits), .5mm-1mm thickness 3.8mm Group (4 bits), .7mm-1mm thickness 4.7mm Group (4 bits), .6mm-.9mm thickness 5.4mm Group (10 bits), .4mm-1.2mm thickness 6mm Group (7 bits), .6mm-1.2mm thickness 7mm Group (9 bits), .6mm-1.5mm thickness 7.6mm Group (5 bits), .8mm-1.5mm thickness 8.6mm Group (6 bits), .7mm-1.6mm thickness 9mm Group (6 bits), .8mm-1.8mm thickness

    • Polycarbonate lid
    • 87 black oxide coated gun bits
    • Small “force assist” driver for tight spaces
    • Scope turret tool
    • Magnetic parts tray
    • Slide lock
    • Large driver with led

    Real Avid Code: AVSD90

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