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REAL AVID AVPBS Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes


Brand: Real Avid

REAL AVID AVPBS Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes

SKU: ACT71-000087
Thanks for ordering. The product you have ordered will be ordered in the next shipment from the supplier. Please allow min 14 - 20 days for delivery if they are in stock at the suppler. AzzaTac will contact you regardless to confirm delivery dates.
  • Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes

    Accu-Grip Picks & Brushes is a set of six brushes and scrapers designed to replace homemade tools such as toothpicks, toothbrushes and wire pieces when cleaning weapons. They make cleaning easier, offering much greater efficiency and precision, and above all the safety of weapon.

    The set includes 4 scrapers and 2 brushes, each with two different tips. The scrapers have different shapes to reach even the most difficult corners of the mechanism, and the brushes come in two types - with nylon or phosphor bronze bristles.

    Ergonomic, corrugated grip with triangular shape for high precision and secure grip.

    • Innovative ergonomic triangular handles
    • 8 different pick shapes
    • 4 brushes made of phosphor bronze and nylon
    • Removes crud without scratching the weapon

    Real Avid Code: AVPBS


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