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Eemann Tech Adjustable Rear Sight for CZ SP-01 SHADOW, CZ SHADOW 2



CZ Shadow 2 - Adjustable Rear Sight from EemannTech

SKU: ACT44-130008
Thanks for ordering. The product you have ordered will be ordered in the next shipment from the supplier. Please allow min 14 - 20 days for delivery if they are in stock at the suppler. AzzaTac will contact you regardless to confirm delivery dates.
  • This adjustable rear sight is intended only for CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW, CZ SHADOW 2. Assembly without modification of the pistol to comply with the rules of IPSC Division Production. 

    One-click of vertical or horizontal adjusting screw corresponds approximately to 1 cm on the target at a distance of 25 m (sights distance on CZ SP-01 SHADOW is 17 cm). 

    The suitable height of the front sight is 7 to 8,5 mm.

    The cutout in sight is 3 x 2.5 mm.
    The sight base dimension is 9.7 x 16 mm.

    Similar to OEM CZ number: 1181-0011

    The set includes:
    • Adjustable rear sight: 1 pc.
    • Rear Sights Adjustment Screw: 1pc.

    • Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.

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